$0.99/month for phone service! No taxes or FCC fees. This adapter connects to house’s analog phone line so all of my phones and FAX work. I show how to configure and sign up for voip.ms phone service. You can transfer over your present phone number or pick a new one from a list. This is actually cheaper than Magic Jack and ooma once you figure in the fees and taxes. I did not sign up for e911 so saved $1.49/mo on that! The Linksys PAP2T is a SIP protocol internet phone adapter (called ATA, Analog Telephone Adapter) and can work with many VoIP service providers to give cheap international and local US telephone calls anywhere in the world. I suggest you use port forwarding in your router for UDP range 5060-5061 (for SIP) and UDP range 16384-16482 (for RTP).
If you have a lot of phones plugged in adjust this:
Regional tab – FXS Port Power Limit = 5 for 5 phone ringer lets say.
Other VoIP well liked providers (ITP) are: Callcentric, Voicepulse, Vitelity, RingCentral, VoipDiscount, Callwave, Sipgate ect….