Evaluating the provider of a business telephone system can be difficult. Industry expert Bill McCormick gives plenty of advice on how to do it right.
Hi, I’m Bill McCormick and I work with Ideacom Midwest in St. Louis Missouri. Evaluating the companies that you will consider to install and service your small business VOIP Phone System is a very important project.
The following are things to look for or require of your potential new vendor. Does the vendor you are considering have any references you know personally? Are the references of your potential new vendor well known, highly respected companies?
How many years has the vendor you are considering been in business? How many certified technicians does the vendor have? How much inventory does the vendor have for the particular product you are considering?
Does your new provider have a business license? Have they demonstrated knowledge of your data network? There are a wide variety of VOIP telephone systems on the market. Some of the manufacturers are companies that have been in the traditional telephone business for many years.
Other manufacturers have just developed their first product. The VOIP phone system you choose may not be as important as the local company you choose to install it. VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a sophisticated highly technical product.
Entry into this business can be as easy as signing an online dealer agreement or complex enough to require tens of thousands of dollars for training, spare parts and technical certifications. When choosing a local company to provide a VOIP business telephone system, seek some good references.
Any company that is proposing a VOIP system to you should be able to provide plenty of references using the same product they are recommending. Ask their references if they were completely happy with the implementation.

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